Frederick V of Bohemia, Elizabeth Stuart, silver medal 1613, by Christian Maler


 Frederick V (1596-1632) of Bohemia, marriage to Elizabeth Stuart (1596-1662), oval silver medal, 1613, by Christian Maler [Nürnberg], his armoured bust right, mantle around and lace collar, before his face clasped hands hold a heart, FRIDERICVS DG COM PAL …, rev., bust of Elizabeth, three quarters left, hair high, wearing full ruff collar and pearl necklace, ELIZABETHA DG COM PAL R S ELEC INFANS MAGNÆ BRITAN D B, roped border around, 39 x 38mm (MI 202/33; vL II, 89; BDM III, 541).

Very fine, a flan crack within border and close to edge, from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock, extremely rare.

The clasped hands have not been noted on any other specimens.

Elizabeth Stuart, second child and eldest daughter of James I is is remembered as the Winter Queen on account of Frederick’s short reign as king of Bohemia (26 August, 1619 – 20 November, 1620).

Provenance: Bt. D. Fearon, July 2009; ex R. W. Cochran-Patrick Collection, Sotheby’s auction 8 November, 1949 (lot 28, illus.)
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals ref.156

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Philip II of Spain, Gold Scudo by Giovan Ravaschieri


Philip II of Spain, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, gold Scudo [Scudo d’oro], undated, by Giovan Battista Ravaschieri, bare head right, monogram behind, legend with English title, PHILIP R ANG FRA NEAP P HIS, rev., crowned and garnished oval shield of arms, HISPANI PRINCEP, 23mm; 3.35g (MI 69/14; Fr. 836a; P & R 1).

A most pleasing example, much as struck, with an excellent portrait, nearly extremely fine and very rare.

Giovan Battista Ravaschieri, Mint-director at Naples (1525-1560). MI lists six coins of Philip II on account of his English title and because some earlier references have them listed as medals.

The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals ref.21

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Alliance of England, France United Provinces, silver medal 1609, G. van Byjlaer


 The alliance of England, France and the United Provinces
silver medal, 1609, by G. van Byjlaer, struck in Dordrecht, a hand from heaven holds a cord connecting the shields of arms of England, France and the UnitedProvinces, A DOMINO FACTVM EST ISTVD, rev., legend and date in ten lines, ORD FOED BELG A REGE HISP …. REGVM GAL ET MAG BRIT …, 51.5mm (MI 197/22; vL II, 50; Eim. 89a).

Extremely fine.

After 42 years at war, Spain recognised Dutch independence. The United Provinces thanked with the renewal of their treaty of alliance with Britain and France.

Provenance: Swiss Bank Corporation, 3 May, 2001 (lot 785).
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals 144

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Anti-Christian Confederacy, heavy silver Dutch medal, 1688, by Jan Smeltzing


 The Anti-Christian Confederacy, heavy silver Dutch medal, 1688, by Jan Smeltzing,

Suleiman II (1687-1691), Sultan of Turkey; Louis XIV, Hussein Mezzo-Morto (d. 1701), Dey of Algiers, and James II, all with swords drawn, stand round the blazing altar of Discord, rev., three lilies supporting a crescent, an imp above in a Jesuit’s cap, IN FOEDERE QUINTUS, 50.5mm (MI 632/54; Eim. 295; vL III, 347; Mont. 1087; Voltolina 1075).

Extremely fine and extremely rare.

It was believed that there was an anti-Protestant treaty with France and the James II had allowed Algerian Corsairs to land Dutch prizes in England; whilst Louis XIV was said to be encouraging Turkish hostility towards the German states. The fifth member of the Confederacy was the Devil.

Provenance: Jean Elsen Auction, 14 June, 2008

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Charles I, cast silver medal, 1649, by Thomas Rawlins

288 288a

 Charles I, Death and Memorial, cast silver medal, 1649, by Thomas Rawlins, bust left, his hair long and holding a crown of thorns to his chest, CHRISTI TRACTO, legend around in two lines, IANII 30 1648 CAROLVS PRIMVS MORITVR ET VIVIT EST NOBILE VICENDI GENVS PATIENTIA, floral border, rev., in imitation of engraving, a rock buffeted by the winds and waves, IMMOTA TRIVMPHANS, corded border, 26. 5mm (MI 342/191; Platt I, type E, pp. 247- 248; Farquhar p. 270; Farquhar p. 269).

Nearly extremely fine, obverse deeply toned, extremely rare.

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Charles I, silver medal, 1630, attributed to Nicolas Briot

Charles I, birth of Prince Charles, silver medal, 1630, attributed to Nicolas Briot, cruciform arms of England and France, Scotland, France, and Ireland over radiant star, HACTENVS ANGLORVM NVLLI, rev., legend in five lines, within cartouche, HONOR PRIN MAG BRIT FRA ET HIB NAT 29 MAI ANN 1630, 30.5mm (MI 254/35; Eim. 116; Platt p. 128).

Extremely fine and toned.

Nicholas Briot (about 1579–1646) was an innovative French coin engraver, medallist and mechanical engineer, who emigrated to England and became chief engraver to the Royal Mint in 1633 and is credited with the invention of the coining-press.

Provenance: Bt. Spink.
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Henri II King of France, surrender of Calais, bronze medal, 1558

36 36a

Henri II (1519-1547-1559), King of France, the surrender of Calais, cast bronze medal, 1558, laureate and armoured bust of Henri right, the armour with lion-head shoulder plates, wearing the badge of St Michael, HENRICVS II REX CHRISTIANISS, rev., Henri on horseback attended by soldiers and preceded by Victory and Peace, MAIORA SEQVENTVR, in exergue, EXACTIS BRITANNIS ET CALETO GVINIAQ RECEPT, beaded border to both sides and on thin flan, 75mm (MI 88/57; BMC [Jones] – ; van Mieris III, 422; Trésor I, XI, 6).

A high quality early cast with dark brown patina.

Calais surrendered to the French on 10 January, 1558.

Provenance: The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Catherine of Braganza, oval silver marriage badge, 1662


Catherine of Braganza, oval silver marriage badge, 1662, bust of Catherine left, with small coronet, her hair in ringlets, INFANTA DONA CATHERINA, rev., two orange trees with stems entwined, 29.5 x 22mm (MI 486/104, illus.), suspension loop and ring. An unusually good example, very fine.

Provenance: The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Richard Sackville, Earl of Dorset by Simon de Passe

180 180aRichard Sackville, 3rd Earl of Dorset, (1590-1624), oval tin portrait medal, undated, in imitation engraving, by Simon de Passe, bust of Sackville three-quarters left (turning to viewer), wearing lace collar and doublet, the string of which he holds in his left hand, rev., Sackville arms with leopard supporters and crested helm, below in cartouche, TOVSIOVR LOYAL, legend around, CLARISSIMVS D RICHARD SACKVILE BARO BVCKHVRSTIÆ COMES DORCESTRIÆ, 53 x 46.5mm (MI 232/93).

Strictly fine and unusual as a soft-metal cast, pierced and plugged at top, excessively rare.

MI has placed this medal as 1624 but it was almost certainly made somewhat earlier. 1624 was both the year of Sackville’s death and the year that de Passe moved to Denmark. The silver specimen in the BM is listed in MI as “Unique?”. This is the only other specimen in the Falkiner Index.

Provenance: Ex Greta S Heckett Collection, Sotheby’s, 25 May 1977
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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King Philip II of Spain medal, cast bronze, 1555 by Jacopo Nizolla da Trezzo

2828aPhilip II of Spain and King of England, complimentary medal, cast bronze, 1555, by Jacopo Nizolla da Trezzo, half-length bust of Philip II, left, in armour, with badge of the Golden Fleece, mantle around his shoulders, + PHILIPPVS AVSTR CAROLI V CAES F PRINC HISP ET ANGL R, rev., Virtue, as a draped female statue stands in a small pool, on her head a vase overflowing with water from two animal heads, around, a group of figures collect the water and drink it, VIRTVS, in ex, NVNQ DEFICIT, beaded border to both sides, 79.5mm (MI 75/26).
An excellent cast, good very fine with pleasant brown patina, pierced twice above head (by R and I of CAROLI), extremely rare.

The portrait type of Philip derives from another medal, signed by Leone Leoni, whilst the reverse comes from a medal dated to 1550-1552, of Gianello della Torre (1500-1585), the celebrated horologist, engineer and architect from Cremona.

Provenance: The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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