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Croix du Combattant Volontaire French WW1 Medal Group 1914-1918

Croix du Combattant Volontaire
As awarded to

Framed with certificate dated 2 July 1935
34 x 44 cm
Glazing replaced with plexi glass for shipping

The Volunteer combatant’s cross 1914–1918 (“Croix du Combattant Volontaire 1914–1918”) is a French decoration that recognizes those who have volunteered to serve on the front in a combat unit during WWI When the “Médaille commémorative de la guerre 1914–1918” was established, it was anticipated that a clasp bearing “ENGAGÉ VOLONTAIRE” would be worn on its ribbon for those who had freely and voluntarily enlisted in the French Armed Forces for combat service. This clasp was produced, however it was short lived due to parliament demanding the establishment of a special insignia to distinguish the special merit of the voluntary combatant.
The Act of July 4, 1935 created the Croix du Combattant Volontaire, designated for those who volunteered to serve on the front in a combat unit during the Great War.

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Medal Médaille Militaire 3rd Republic Charles Dartois

Médaille Militaire 3rd Republic
As awarded to
Charles Marc DARTOIS
Born Savigny, Department Vosges 25/04/1881
Enlisted Epinal classe of 1901 the 160e Reg
then Corporal with 146e régiment d’infanterie
Fought in various WWI campaigns and was wounded
Framed with original signed and stamped cerificate
40 x 50 cm

Glazing replaced with plexi glass for shipping
with copies of some sevice records

Price £135 request


Bergmann French WW1 Medal Group 1914-1918

Médaille Militaire 3rd Republic & Croix de Guerre with star citation
As awarded to
Georges Albert BERGMANN
Canonnier – 1er régiment d’artillerie à pied (1er RAP). 22e batterie
Enlisted 1894 Seine 2e bureau (roll number 1948)
Mort pour la France le 22-01-1915 Puteaux
hôpital du Bastion, 75 – Paris

Framed with original memoire
49 x 33 cm
Glazing replaced with plexi glass for shipping

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Louis XIIII 1650 Consilio Nil Nisi Briot

1776 1776a2

Louis XIV , Consilio Nil Nisi attributed to Nicholas Briot, laureate bust right, verso the escutcheon of France, surrounded by the chain of the Order of St Michael and the chain of the Order of the Holy Spirit. The legend is CONSILIO NIL NISI (He undertakes nothing without thoughtfulness). Issued 1617
25mm 5grams
Condition: worn and pierced, rare version

Nicholas Briot (about 1579–1646) was an innovative French coin engraver, medallist and mechanical engineer, who emigrated to England and became chief engraver to the Royal Mint in 1633 and is credited with the invention of the coining-press.

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Superb Classical Landscape by Andrea Locatelli 1695-1741

Classical landscape with figures resting at the edge of a wood

Oil painting on canvas 29 x 39 inches
Contained in a good carved and gilded frame

Provenance: The Gentili Family Collection, Rome

Andrea Locatelli was in born in Rome in 1695 the son of Giovanni Francesco Locatelli. Little is known of his early career except he received initial instruction from his father then at the age of twelve went to study in the studio of “Monsu Alto” a mysterious painter of marines.

Locatelli was amongst the group of landscape painters in Rome who were widely patronised by the English ‘Milordi’ on the Grand Tour, and many of his paintings are to be found in old English collections. He lived to an extent under the shadow of the somewhat older Jan Frans Van Bloemen, called L’Orizzonte, whose work was avidly bought by the English and whose style defined the Classical Landscape for a generation or two of collectors. Locatelli’s work is more naturalistic in style, but still depends from the Classical style defined by, earlier, Claude and subsequently Van Bloemen. Locatelly seldom executed they type of classical capriccio that defined the work of Gian-Paolo Panini, but elements of Roman sculpture, as here, enter his compositions.

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The Peace of Breda, Dutch lead medal, 1667

460 460a
The Peace of Breda, Dutch lead or pewter medal, 1667, unsigned, Peace, helped by a cherub, sets fire to a pile of military trophies, BELLO AB ANGLIS ILLATO …, rev., an aerial panoramic view of Breda, BREDA BELLONÆ SEDES …, 87mm (MI 530/178, not recorded in lead; vL II, 534).

Piercing at top, very fine.

Provenance: The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals Ref.460

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King Charles II, Exile or Restoration gilt-silver badge


King Charles II, Exile or Restoration gilt-silver badge, crowned and draped bust left, hair long, rev., crowned Royal arms within Garter, wreath border to both sides, 19.5 x 15.5mm (MI 440/8, var.; pl. XL, 13).
Very fine.
MI records the badge from an example with the CAROLVS SECVNDVS legend.

Provenance: Richard. Falkiner, 2003.

Price £245.00


Sir Ralph Abercromby 1734-1801 General

Scottish soldier and politician. He rose to the rank of lieutenant-general in the British Army, was noted for his services during the Napoleonic Wars, and served as Commander-in-Chief, Ireland..

Artist: by H.D.Cook after John Hoppner R.A. 1758-1810

Size 28 x 22cm full margin and plate mark

Price £14.00