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Princess Matilda & Sophia of Hanover silver medal, 1701 by Samuel Lambelet

586 586a
Princess Matilda and the Electress Sophia (1630-1714) and the Protestant succession, silver medal, 1701, by Samuel Lambelet, bust of Princess Matilda [daughter of Henry II] to right, legend in two lines around, MATILDAN FILIA H II R ANGL …, rev., bust of Princess Sophia [granddaughter of James I] to right, legend in two lines around, SOPHIA EX STIRPE …, 65mm (MI 218/542; Brockm 752; Stemper 197).

Large impressive medal, good very fine.

The medal was struck to demonstrate how, following the lack of male heirs by either Queen Mary or Queen Anne, the Protestant line would succeed to the English throne, from the descendants of these two princesses, as indeed happened in 1714.

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Ships burnt in the Medway & Proclamation of Peace, silver medal, 1667, by Pieter van Abeele


The ships burnt in the Medway and the Proclamation of Peace, silver medal, 1667, by Pieter van Abeele, the burning ships near Chatham, to right a vessel sinks, inscription on a ‘shell’ below. “Jun . 1667 Door Order van haer E. Hoogh Mog onder ‘t’beleyt van d . Heer . R . Mich . A . d . Ruyter L . Ad . generael syn besprongen op de Rivier van Chattam d Coninckx Oorloogh Schepen en die verbrant en gesonken”, rev., Peace seated on trophies, infant genii to either side and stands of shields, “Den 6 Serptembr Ano 1667 is de Vreede …van Groot-Britanien gepublifeert” , 72.5mm (MI 533/182; vL II, 559; MH 584; Pax 266).


Very fine and extremely rare.



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Naval Reward, Service Against Six Ships, silver medal, 1650, attrib to Thomas Simon,


 Naval Reward, Service Against Six Ships, cast silver medal, 1650, attributed to Thomas Simon, an anchor with the shields of England and Ireland suspended from the beams, MERUISTI, rev., a ship engaged with frigates to either side, SERVICE DON AGAINST SIX SHIPS JULY Y XX1 & AVGVST Y 1 1650. 45.5mm x 33.5mm (MI 390/11; MH 36; Platt II, p. 333; Vertue pl XVI,1 ), suspension loop added.

Very fine and extremely rare.

The six ships were Irish frigates, taken on and defeated by Captain Robert Wyard. Within days of the action the Council of State met to consider “what Reward and Recompence shall be thought fit to be given to Captain Robert Wyard for his good Service; and to the Master and Owner of the Ship, in respect of the Damage done to the Ship”.

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Charles I, gold medal, 1633, by Nicolas Briot *STOLEN*


Charles I, the return to London, cast gold medal, 1633, by Nicolas Briot, king on horseback left, holding sceptre in right hand, Eye of Providence above, plumed helmet on flowery ground below, CAROLVA AVGVSTISS ET INVICTISS MAG BRIT FRAN ET HIB MONARCHA – 1633, rev., a panoramic view of the city of London, with St Paul’s and old London Bridge, SOL ORBEM RADIANS SIC REX ILLVMINAT URBEM, view of the city of London, sun above, a small E to the left of the sun, 42.5mm (MI 266/62; Eim.124; CP.20/4; BMC [Jones] 158a; Platt p. 135, type B, this specimen illustrated).
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Very fine, extremely rare.

Whilst the medal commemorates the king’s return to London following his Coronation in Scotland, Charles did not enter the city directly due to an outbreak of the plague.



Queen Elizabeth I, 1589, by Nicholas Hilliard


Elizabeth I, the Dangers Averted, uniface lead or pewter cast impression of the obverse, 1589, by Nicholas Hilliard (c.1547-1619), facing crowned bust in elaborate dress and high ruff collar, holding sceptre and orb, DITIOR IN TOTO NON ALTER CIRCVLVS ORBE, wide raised border, 66 x 62.5mm, believed to be 18th Century (MI 154/130; cf Eim. 62; MH 19; Scher [1994] 164;).
Small piercing at top, cast with hollowed reverse, very fine.

Provenance: The Michael Hall Collection, Part I, 2010

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Charles I, cast silver medal, 1649, by Thomas Rawlins

288 288a

 Charles I, Death and Memorial, cast silver medal, 1649, by Thomas Rawlins, bust left, his hair long and holding a crown of thorns to his chest, CHRISTI TRACTO, legend around in two lines, IANII 30 1648 CAROLVS PRIMVS MORITVR ET VIVIT EST NOBILE VICENDI GENVS PATIENTIA, floral border, rev., in imitation of engraving, a rock buffeted by the winds and waves, IMMOTA TRIVMPHANS, corded border, 26. 5mm (MI 342/191; Platt I, type E, pp. 247- 248; Farquhar p. 270; Farquhar p. 269).

Nearly extremely fine, obverse deeply toned, extremely rare.

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Richard Sackville, Earl of Dorset by Simon de Passe

180 180aRichard Sackville, 3rd Earl of Dorset, (1590-1624), oval tin portrait medal, undated, in imitation engraving, by Simon de Passe, bust of Sackville three-quarters left (turning to viewer), wearing lace collar and doublet, the string of which he holds in his left hand, rev., Sackville arms with leopard supporters and crested helm, below in cartouche, TOVSIOVR LOYAL, legend around, CLARISSIMVS D RICHARD SACKVILE BARO BVCKHVRSTIÆ COMES DORCESTRIÆ, 53 x 46.5mm (MI 232/93).

Strictly fine and unusual as a soft-metal cast, pierced and plugged at top, excessively rare.

MI has placed this medal as 1624 but it was almost certainly made somewhat earlier. 1624 was both the year of Sackville’s death and the year that de Passe moved to Denmark. The silver specimen in the BM is listed in MI as “Unique?”. This is the only other specimen in the Falkiner Index.

Provenance: Ex Greta S Heckett Collection, Sotheby’s, 25 May 1977
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Archbishop William Sancroft & the Seven Bishops, Silver Medal, 1688, by George Bower

516a 516Archbishop William Sancroft (1617-1693) and the Seven Bishops, cast Silver Medal, 1688, by George Bower, bust of Sancroft right, in clerical robes and cap, rev., medallic portraits and the names of the Bishop of London and the six imprisoned bishops, 50mm (MI 622/37; Eimer 288b; Fearon, Sancroft, Figs 4 & 5; Weiss Fig 13; Weiss, Badge of Intolerance, Fig 1).

Good very fine and toned.

The Bishops committed to the Tower of London were Henry Compton [London] shown in centre, and from top right and around, Francis Turner [Ely], Thomas Ken [Bath], John Trelawney [Bristol], Thomas White [Peterborough], John Lake [Chichester] and William Lloyd [St. Asaph].

The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Charles II, Restoration, small oval silver badge, 1660, by Thomas Rawlins

414a 414

Charles II, Restoration, small oval silver badge, 1660, by Thomas Rawlins, crowned bust right, with long hair, CAROLUS SECVNDUS, rev., incuse image, three crowns on leafless oak, 28 x 23mm (MI 454/41), integral suspension loop. Very fine and darkly toned, however a slight casting flaw follows truncation of bust, extremely rare.

Provenance: T. Millett, List, June 2005 (no. 227).
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Charles I and Henrietta Maria, gilt-silver Royalist Badge

313a 313
Charles I and Henrietta Maria, small gilt-silver Royalist Badge, bare-headed bust of Charles left, with long hair and falling lace collar, rev., bust of Henrietta Maria left, hair tied in knot behind, with high lace collar and pearl earing, 27 x 20mm (MI 358/224; Platt I, type C, p. 287), integral suspension loop and ring.

Very fine, scarce.

Provenance: Bt. Lion Passant [Exeter], December, 2000.
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

Price £500.00