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King Louis XIV, 1689 by Henri Roussel



Louis XIV, James II received by Louis XIV, French cast bronze medal, 1689, by Henri Roussel, laureate but right, LVDOVICVS MAGNVS REX CHRISTIANISSIMVS, rev., legend within wreath of roses and pomegranates, OB REGEM REGINAM ET PRINCIPEM MAGNÆ BRITANNIÆ SERVATOS, 66.5mm (MI 654/12; Woolf 6.3b; vL III, 372)

A cast of good quality, good very fine.

The medal is a cast of a struck silver medal of which MI states, “This is one of the rarest medals of Louis XIV”.
Provenance: Bt. C. Riley, May, 2009.
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Louis XIV Battle of Dunkirk, French copper medal, 1658, by J. Mauger



Louis XIV, the Battle of the Dunes or Battle of Dunkirk, French copper medal, 1658, by J. Mauger, youthful bust right with flowing hair, rev., Victory advances over prone bodies, sea and mountains beyond, VICTORIA PACIFERA, in ex., HISPANIS CAESIS AD DUNQUERCAM, 41.5mm (MI 427/70; Divo 48; vL II, 417). Extremely fine.
The French army commanded by General Turenne and assisted by Commonwealth troops, defeated the Spanish who were fighting with English Royalist troops and French Fronde rebels. From the series of medals depicting Medallic History of Louis XIV.

Provenance: Elsen Auction, 12 March, 2005 (lot 2572).
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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King Charles I, cast copper medal, 1649

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Charles I, cast copper Memorial medal, 1649, probably of Dutch manufacture, bust of the King right, on stippled background, wearing armour and Garter George on ribbon, CAROLVS REX in field, legend within border, POPVLE MEVS QVID FECI TIBI, 1649, rev., head of a screaming Medusa, two concentric circles divided by flaming sword, thunderbolt and trophies, inner legend, CONCILIABVLVM ANGLIÆ, outer legend, BLASFEMANT DEVM – NECANT REGEM – SPERVNT LEGEM, 57mm (MI 349/208; Eim. 161; Platt I, pp. 254-56; vL II, 321).

A contemporary cast of good quality, nearly extremely fine and very rare.
Recorded in MI and elsewhere only in silver.

The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals 2014

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King Charles I, Dominion of the Sea, cast silver medal

Charles I, the Dominion of the Sea, cast silver medal, undated [1630], by Nicolas Briot, bust of the King right, wearing ruff, cloak ornamented with the royal ciphers CC and CH, Garter George suspended from ribbon, signed behind shoulder N BRIOT, CAROLVS I DG MAG BRITANIÆ FRAN ET HIB REX, rev., ship sailing right, NEC META MIHI QVÆ TERMINVS ORBE, 61mm (MI 256/40; BHM [Jones] 144-46; Eim. 118; vL II 227; MH 25; Farquhar I, 203; Platt, pp. 123-25), small contemporary suspension loop.

Extremely fine, richly toned and rare.
Provenance: Ex Papillon Collection,
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals – Lot 217

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James I & Charles, Prince of Wales , engraved silver counter

James I (and Charles, Prince of Wales), engraved silver counter, workshops of Simon or Willem de Passe, c.1616, bust of James three-quarters right, wearing broad-brimmed hat with jewel, lace ruff, ermine robes and Collar of the Garter, GIVE THY IUDGEMENTS O GOD UNTO THE KING, set in a wide border, engraved in matching lettering with the legend found on the counter’s reverse, AND THY RIGHTEOVSNESS UNTO THE KINGS SONN, 36mm., (MI 376/272, for counter). Obverse extremely fine and the only example known to the cataloguers with this added border.
The reverse, with the portrait of Charles I, has been sacrificed to make something special of the image James and is damaged where fixed to the border. Many markers or counters ‘for reckoning and for play’ were stamped in imitation of engraving. In 1617 Nicholas Hilliard was granted a monopoly for 12 years of all engraved portraits of the King and the Royal Family. During this period he sold licences to other artists, including Simon Van de Passe and his brother. The British Museum catalogue records a unique engraved piece in the Cochran-Patrick collection similar to this but without the added border.

Provenance: Spink Auction, 26 March, 2008 (lot 8); Glendining’s, 18 March, 1989
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals – Lot 186

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