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Louis XIV, medal, 1666, by J. Mauger

Louis XIV, the alliance of France with Holland, French copper medal, 1666, by J. Mauger, bust right with flowing hair, rev., France as Minerva, holds spear and protective shield over Holland, who stands at altar, RELIGIO FOEDERUM, 41.5mm (MI 514/159; Divo 89).

Extremely fine.

From the series of medals depicting Medallic History of Louis XIV.

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Louis XIV, King of France, Silver jeton, 1651



Louis XIV (1638-1643-1715), King of France, the hostility of England to France, French silver jeton, 1651, unsigned, bust of the young king right, mantle around shoulders, LVD XIIII DG FR ET NAV REX, rev., sun shines on a lily growing in France whilst a cold wind blows from England, MAIOR AB AQVILONE FLORES ET FRONDES, 27.5mm (cf MI 395/21, this with armorial obverse; Feud. 6674, in copper only).

Very fine and rare.

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Louis XIV Battle of Dunkirk, French copper medal, 1658, by J. Mauger



 Louis XIV, the Battle of the Dunes or Battle of Dunkirk, French copper medal, 1658, by J. Mauger, youthful bust right with flowing hair, rev., Victory advances over prone bodies, sea and mountains beyond, VICTORIA PACIFERA, in ex., HISPANIS CAESIS AD DUNQUERCAM, 41.5mm (MI 427/70; Divo 48; vL II, 417). Extremely fine.
The French army commanded by General Turenne and assisted by Commonwealth troops, defeated the Spanish who were fighting with English Royalist troops and French Fronde rebels. From the series of medals depicting Medallic History of Louis XIV.

Provenance: Elsen Auction, 12 March, 2005 (lot 2572).
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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Jean Astruc 1684-1766

Professor of medicine at Montpellier and Paris, who wrote the first great treatise on syphilis and venereal diseases, and also, with a small anonymously published book, played a fundamental part in the origins of critical textual analysis of works of scripture.

Artist: Louis Halbou.,

Size 15 x 9 cms

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Ref: 3103

Antoine Charles Louis de Lasalle

Comte de Lasalle 1775-1809, French cavalry general during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, often called “The Hussar General”. He first gained fame for his role in the Capitulation of Stettin. Over the course of his short career, he became known as a daring adventurer and was credited with many exploits; some true, others probably fanciful. Eventually, he fought on every front and was killed at the Battle of Wagram.

Artist/Engraver: Antoine-Jean Gros 1771-1835

Size 27 x 18 cms

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Ref: 3493

Charles IV, Duke of Lorraine

Charles IV 1604-1675 was Duke of Lorraine from 1624 to 1634, when he abdicated under French pressure in favor of his younger brother, Nicholas Francis, and again from 1661 until 1675 (his death).

Size 33 x 22 cms

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French diplomat and historian, son of Philippe Henri, marquis de Segur, was born in Paris in December 1753. He entered the army in 1769, served in the American War of Independence in 1781 as a colonel under Rochambeau

Subject gender: Male
Size 14 x 11 cms

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