Superb Classical Landscape by Andrea Locatelli 1695-1741

Classical landscape with figures resting at the edge of a wood

Oil painting on canvas 29 x 39 inches
Contained in a good carved and gilded frame

Provenance: The Gentili Family Collection, Rome

Andrea Locatelli was in born in Rome in 1695 the son of Giovanni Francesco Locatelli. Little is known of his early career except he received initial instruction from his father then at the age of twelve went to study in the studio of “Monsu Alto” a mysterious painter of marines.

Locatelli was amongst the group of landscape painters in Rome who were widely patronised by the English ‘Milordi’ on the Grand Tour, and many of his paintings are to be found in old English collections. He lived to an extent under the shadow of the somewhat older Jan Frans Van Bloemen, called L’Orizzonte, whose work was avidly bought by the English and whose style defined the Classical Landscape for a generation or two of collectors. Locatelli’s work is more naturalistic in style, but still depends from the Classical style defined by, earlier, Claude and subsequently Van Bloemen. Locatelly seldom executed they type of classical capriccio that defined the work of Gian-Paolo Panini, but elements of Roman sculpture, as here, enter his compositions.

Price £14000.00