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Maurice, Prince of Orange 1567-1625 bronze medal, 1602, by Conrad Bloc

Maurice, Prince of Orange (1567-1625), the capture of Grave and previous successes at Breda, Lingen and Meurs,
Cast bronze medal, 1602, by Conrad Bloc,
with full signature, armoured bust right, wearing ruff collar, MAVRITIVS PR AVR CO NASS …, rev., young orange tree grows from an old stump, TANDEM FIT SVRCVLVS ARBOR, 40.5mm (MI 180/181; Eim 75; vL I, 553).

Good very fine with pleasant brown patina.

Provenance: The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

Price £280.00


King Charles I, Gold Unite, by Abraham Van der Doort Very fine and very rare.


Charles I, pattern gold Unite, by Abraham Vanderdoort [van der Doort], mm. lis, armoured bust left, long hair falling over lace collar, wearing ribbon of the Garter George, rev., crowned royal arms in garnished oval shield, between crowned C – R, FLORENT CONCORDIA REGNA, 7.49g, 30mm (MI 374/269; Allen vi; Brooker 1239; North 2655; Wilson & Rasmussen 22; cf. Farquhar I, 178; Platt – ).

Very fine and very rare.

For a detailed account see ‘Abraham Vanderdort and the coinage of Charles I’, by Derek Allen from Helen Farquhar’s notes, NC 6, vol.1 (1941), pp. 54-75. This pattern (fig.6) is in the style of the pattern unite with mark of value, mm. plumes (fig.4) and the unique pattern five unites without mark of value, mm. rose (fig.5), better known as the Juxon Medal

Provenance: J.G. Brooker Collection. Ex. “Clarendon” Collection, pt. II, Captain Vivian Hewitt Collection.

Price £9200.00


Charles I, Dominion of the Sea, cast silver medal

Charles I, the Dominion of the Sea, cast silver medal, undated [1630], by Nicolas Briot, bust of the King right, wearing ruff, cloak ornamented with the royal ciphers CC and CH, Garter George suspended from ribbon, signed behind shoulder N BRIOT, CAROLVS I DG MAG BRITANIÆ FRAN ET HIB REX, rev., ship sailing right, NEC META MIHI QVÆ TERMINVS ORBE, 61mm (MI 256/40; BHM [Jones] 144-46; Eim. 118; vL II 227; MH 25; Farquhar I, 203; Platt, pp. 123-25), small contemporary suspension loop.

Extremely fine, richly toned and rare.
Provenance: Ex Papillon Collection, Bonhams Auction, 25 March, 1998 (lot 20).
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals – Lot 217

Price £5,250.00