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William III, City of Dublin, silver medal by James Roettier 1698

William III, presentation of the new Lord Mayor’s Great Chain of Office and Medal to the City of Dublin, large silver medal, 1698, by James Roettier, armoured bust of William right, mantle around and hair long over right shoulder, GVLIELMVS TERTIVS DG MAG BRIT FRAN ET HIB REX, signed on truncation, James R. F., rev., legend in eight lines, GVLIELMVS III ANTIQVAM ET FIDELEM HIBERNIÆ METROPOLIN HOC INDVLGENTIÆ SVÆ MVNERE ORNAVIT BARTH VAN HOMRIGH ARM VRB PRÆTORE MDCXCVIII, 84.5mm, 232g (MI 197/509; Eim. 378; Westropp 67-08; Farquhar, BNJ IX, 1913, pp 31-34, illus; Murdoch 421). A magnificent and exceptionally rare medal, a few minor marks but nearly extremely fine, lightly toned.
The reverse legend refers to Bartholomew van Homrigh, elected Lord Mayor in 1697. Charles II had presented the previous chain of office but this had been removed by Sir Michael Creagh during the troubles. van Homrigh had built Celbridge Abbey in 1697 and it was to the Abbey that Dean Jonathan Swift would frequently go to visit Van Homrigh’s daughter Esther, whom he immortalised as ‘Vanessa’. The Great Chain is composed of links representing the Tudor rose and links in the shape of the letter S whilst on each side is a harp and at the lowest point is a link in the shape of a porcullis. The medal, identical to this, is of gold. It is presently on display at the Civic Hall, Dublin.
An image of the obverse of this medal forms the frontispiece to Medallic Illustrations, vol. II [1885

Provenance: Bt. T. Millett, April, 2002.
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

Price £8800.00