The Battle of Turnhout. silver jeton, 1597

104104aThe Battle of Turnhout and Spanish defeats, by Prince Maurice of Nassau, Dutch silver jeton, 1597, a hand from heaven holds three united shields of France, England and United Provinces, A DOMINO FACTVM EST ISTVD, rev., legend in eleven lines, ORDIN AVSPIC PRIN MAVRI DVCTV … DITIONE PACTA 1597, 29mm (MI 167/156; Dugn. 3412). Good very fine and extremely rare.
The jeton is a combination of the obverse and reverse of separate pieces and whilst dated 1597, the British arms on the obverse incorporate those of Scotland, thus not prior to 1609.

Provenance: Bt. Spink.
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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