WWI French 2e régiment de zouaves Adrien JANICOT

Born 21 May 1890 at Chapeuil, Dordogne.
Enlisted Perigueux 1910 2e régiment Zouaves
Served in Algeria and Morocco 1911-1913
Wounded august 1914 “Shot in the left hip”
Killed fighting for France 15 June 1915 Tracy-le-Mont, Quennevières, Oise

The four regiments of Zouaves in the French Army in 1914, while dressed in traditional North African style uniforms, were composed entirely of native Frenchmen rather than Colonials. The uniform was composed of a vest (sedria), which was worn underneath the short waste jacket (tombo), atop a pair of triple width baggy trousers (saroul). A 13-foot-long sash was wrapped around the waste over the vest and trousers and was intended to provide additional lower back support while on the march. The entire affair was topped off with a soft red cap with blue tassel (chechia)

During the 1915 the 2 nd zouaves occuiped the area of Quennevières and Bois Saint-Mard. The fighting from June 6 to 16 was fierce. The regiment was relieved on July 8, 1915 having lost in the triangle formed by Tracy-le-Mont, wood Saint-Mard and Quennevières a thousand men and 1,500 wounded.

WW.I period Photogravure, hand-coloured, studio portrait photograph
Size 42 x 32 cms with copies of service records.

Price £65.00