Johann Schweikhard von Kronberg 1553-1626

Johann Schweikhard von Kronberg was the third son of Hartmut XIII von Kronburg (1517–1591) and his wife Barbara von Sickingen (1522–1577). His father was an administrator for the Archbishopric of Mainz.
With his older brothers taking over the family’s offices, Johann was destined for a career in the church from an early age. He was elected to the cathedral chapter of Mainz Cathedral at a young age through his father’s influence. He was a canon of St. Alban’s Abbey, Mainz from 1564 to 1566. His uncle, Daniel Brendel von Homburg was Archbishop of Mainz, and sent him to the Collegium Germanicum in Rome. There, he became friends with Johannes Busaeus, who was later a Jesuit theologian teaching at the University of Mainz.

Engraved by Emanuel van Meteren, 1634,
Size 35 x 24 cm

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Leopold Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden-Baden 1626-1671

Second son of Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden-Baden and Catharina Ursula von Hohenzollern–Hechingen. He was also the uncle of Louis William, Margrave of Baden-Baden.
The first Reichs-Generalfeldmarschall of the Reichsarmee in 1664, he fought against Sweden in Pomerania and against the Turks in Hungary at the Battle of Saint Gotthard. He was Governor and head of the General staff in Warasdin, Croatia, which was part of the Holy Roman Empire (1198–1806).

Artist/Engraver Johann Hoffmann (1629-1698)
Size 36 x 27 cms
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Ludwig Konrad, Graf von Lehrbach 1750-1805

Austrian ambassador in Munich, 1795 ambassador in Berlin, Regensburg and Basel, 1796 sent by the emperor to Tyrol to support the resistance against the French army. Later Austrian envoy to the Rastatt Congress, probably falsely suspected by the Prussian side of being the mastermind of the Rastatt envoy murder, died in 1805

Artist/Engraver Gebrüder Klauber 1800, Augsburg after Josef SCHÖPF 1745-1822
Size 44 x 30 cms
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Ernst Gideon von Laudon 1717-1790

Ernst Gideon von Laudon, since 1759 Freiherr von Laudon (originally Laudohn or Loudon; was a Baltic German-born Austrian military officer and one of the most successful opponents of the Prussian king Frederick the Great.

Artist/Engraver Joh Martin 1778
Size 23 x 16 cms
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Humprecht Jan Czernin 1628-1682

Humprecht Jan Czernin was the Habsburg imperial ambassador to Venice and Rome. He was appointed ambassador of King Leopold in Venice in 1659.
Humprecht died at the castle in Kosmonosy on 3 March 1682 at the age of 54 years. He was buried in the chapel of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, but his heart was placed in a tin box and placed in the Czernin Chapel of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Stará Boleslav. The Czernin Palace was commissioned by him in the 1660s. He had also the Humprecht Castle in Sobotka built, named after him. It was built as his summer house and hunting castle in 1666–1668.

Artist/Engraver Johann Borcking 1670
Size 24 x 16 cms
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Don Juan of Austria 1547-1578


Spanish admiral and governor, known to Elizabethans as Don John. Born in Regensburg, Germany, to commoner Barbara Blomberg, Don Juan, the natural son of Emperor Charles V, was brought to Brussels, where his mother married. In 1550 Charles had the boy, called Jeromín, taken to Spain by a servant couple, and then, in 1554, transferred to the castle of his chief of household, Don Luis de Quijada, and his wife, Doña Magdalena de Ulloa, at Villagarcía de Campos.

Artist/Engraver Jacob Matham (extensive text verso)
Size 28 x 18 cms
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Theoklitos Polyeidis 1698-1759

Greek scholar, teacher, translator, priest and monk during the period of the Modern Greek Enlightenment.
His most notable work was the Oracles of Agathagelos (Οι χρησμοί του Αγαθάγγελου) which was written c. 1750, and had a huge appeal in the court of Catherine II in Petersburg and greatly enhanced philhellenism in the European cities he personally visited. The Oracles of Agathagelos was also later republished by Rigas Feraios, promoting the revolutionary spirit of the subjugated Greeks, because they prophesied the future liberation of the Greeks.

Artist/Engraver Johann Georg Schmidt 1733
Size 18 x 13 cms
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Nicolas de Catinat 1637-1712

The son of a magistrate, Catinat was born in Paris . He entered the Gardes Françaises at an early age and distinguished himself at the Siege of Lille in 1667.He became a brigadier ten years later, maréchal de camp in 1680, and lieutenant-general 1688. He served with great credit in the campaigns of 1676–1678 in Flanders during the Franco-Dutch War, and was later employed in the persecution of the Vaudois in 1686. After taking part in the Siege of Philippsburg at the opening of the Nine Years War, he was appointed to command the French troops in the south-eastern theatre of war. In 1691 he crossed into the County of Nice, and captured the towns Nice and Villefranche.

Artist/Engraver: after Johann Georg Wille
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Sefer Gazi aga d.1664 Vizier

Sefer Gazi aga , in literature also Sefer Gazi-aga , Sefer Ghazi Aga (born ?, died 1664) – held the office of vizier during the reign of Islam III Giray (1644-1654) and Mehmed IV Giraya (1654-1666 second reign). He held the office of Vizier in the years 1644-1664 (with a short break in 1645-1646).ollection of quotations from Sefergazy Aga on Wikiquote
The most distinguished vizier of the Crimean Khanate in the over three-hundred-year history of this country. The khan Islam III Giray himself owed his throne largely to him.

Artist/Engraver Leonardus Henricus van Otteren
Size 21 x 15 cms
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