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Michael von Kienmayer 1756 – 1828

Michael von Kienmayer was an Austrian general. Kienmayer joined the army of the Habsburg monarchy and fought against the Kingdom of Prussia and Ottoman Turkey. During the French Revolutionary Wars, he continued to make his reputation in the cavalry and became a general officer

Engraved by Johann Ernst Mansfeld 1749 – 1796
Size 16 x 10 cm

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Baron Tobias Philipp von Gebler 1726-1786

Prominent civil servant in the chancellery (Hofkanzlei) in Vienna, where he settled in 1753. He wrote numerous plays, many in the manner of Lessing, including Der Minister (1771).

Engraved by Johann Ernst Mansfeld 1749 – 1796
Size 16 x 10 cm

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Charles V, Duke of Lorraine and Bar 1643-1690

Succeeded his uncle Charles IV, Duke of Lorraine as titular Duke of Lorraine and Bar in 1675; both duchies were occupied by France from 1634 to 1661 and 1670 to 1697. Born in exile in Vienna, Charles spent his military career in the service of the Habsburg monarchy

Engraved by Abraham de Blois. 1679-1720
Painted by Charles Herbel 1656-1703
Size 40 x 30 cm

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Count Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg 1638 -1701

Military governor of Vienna from 1680, the city’s defender during the Battle of Vienna in 1683, Imperial general during the Great Turkish War, and President of the Hofkriegsrat. Generations have idealized Starhemberg as saviour of the Western world and culture. By order of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, a statue was erected in his honour in 1872 at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna, where the Battle of Vienna is thoroughly documented, with Starhemberg’s épée and armour on display.

Engraved by Thomas von Wiering circa 1684
Size 36 x 29 cm
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Count Štefan XI. Ilešházi 1762-1838

István Gróf illésházi Illésházy (XI.) lord, politician, military officer. He was a colonel of the noble uprising against Napoleon , then a hereditary lord, and a politician sympathetic to the reform opposition from the beginning of the 1800s . From 1830, he was a director of the Hungarian Society of Scientists . The last scion of the Illésházy family, a large landowner .

Engraved by Adám Sándor Ehrenreich 1784-1852
Size 35 x 27 cm

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