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Alexander Pope 1688-1744 Poet

The son of a linen-draper, Pope was first noticed by Jacob Tonson who published his Pastorals in 1709. With The Rape of the Lock 1712, and his translations of Homer, Pope became the most formidable literary figure of his day, with a large circle of friends and enemies. Primarily a satirical poet and of unsurpassed metrical skill, he wrote ‘what oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed’. A friend of Swift and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, and famous in the history of landscape gardening for the grounds of his villa at Twickenham, he was revered as one of the great personalities of the age.

Artist: by John Simon, after Michael Dahl 1728

Size 35 x 25cm trimmed as illustrated

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Benjamin Hoadly 1676-1761

Bishop of Winchester and controversialist; leader of Feathers tavern petitioners
Poet, dramatist and clergyman, and son of the Bishop of Winchester, wrote texts for oratorios and musical plays.

Artist: Nathaniel Hone

Size 14 x 10 cms

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Dániel Berzsenyi 1776-1836

Dániel Berzsenyi was a Hungarian poet. Berzsenyi was one of the most contradictory poets of Hungarian literature. He lived the life of a farmer, and wished to be close to the events of Hungarian literature

Artist/Engraver: Miklós Barabás 1810-1898

Size 23 x 16 cms

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József Eötvös

József baron Eötvös de Vásárosnamény 1813 -1871 Hungarian writer and statesman, the son of Ignacz baron Eötvös de Vásárosnamény and Anna von Lilien, who stemmed from an Erbsälzer family of Werl in Germany.

Artist/Engraver: Miklós Barabás 1810 -1898

Size 23 x 16 cms

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Edmund Waller 1606-1687 poet

Poet and wit of wavering political allegiance; in the Civil War, first supported Parliament and then led a plot (‘Waller Plot’) to seize London for Charles I; was sentenced to death, but the sentence was connuted to a fine of £10,000 and exile, 1644; was pardoned by Cromwell’s influence; praised Cromwell in verse, but later rejoiced in his death; published Upon His Majesty’s Happy Return at the Restoration and was a favourite at court; ‘Sacharissa’ was the mistress of his youthful poems; his most famous lyric is ‘Go, lovely rose.’

Artist: Sir Peter Lely

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Geoffrey Chaucer 1340-1400 poet

His poetry reflects the influence of the countries to which he was sent on various missions. The period of French influence lasted from 1359-72; that of Italian, in which he was influenced by Boccaccio whom he met, from 1372-86; and finally his mature style which lasted from 1386 to his death in 1400. It was during this period that he wrote The Canterbury Tales, the first book published by printing press in England.

Artist: published by John Hinton

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