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Jozef Kaszyc 1794-1868 Юзаф Кашыц

Józef Kaszyc Napoleonic officer, judge, marshal of the Nowogródek district,
He came from a wealthy noble family of Kashytsy with the coat of arms “Radvan”. He was born in the estate of Zhovkin, Pinsk district, Minsk province, in the family of Michal Kashyts and Ruza from Kenevichy. During his childhood, the family moved to Navagrudsky District. Studied at a Dominican school in Navagrudek. In 1811 he entered the mathematics faculty of Vilnius University. On the side of the French, as part of the 17th lance regiment, he participated in the war of 1812. In 1812-1815 in emigration, from 1815 he settled in Navagrudsky District. In 1830, he was elected marshal of Novogrudok.

Artist: E.Desmaisom
Size 22 x 28 cms
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