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Charles, Margrave of Burgau 1560-1618

Charles, Margrave of Burgau, also known as Charles of Austria, (22 November 1560 at Křivoklát Castle in Bohemia – 30 October 1618 in Überlingen), was the son of Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria and his first morganatic marriage to Philippine Welser. He was the brother of Andrew of Austria.

Artist/Engraver Dominic Custos
Size 15 x 11 cms
Price £18.00


Franz Augustin Graf von Waldstein 1628-1684

Was first a Knight of Malta and Grand Bailli. Under Emperor Leopold I, he served as Captain of the Lifeguard of Halberdiers and finally as Colonel and Court Marshal. He was a Knight of the Golden Fleece.

Artist: Matthäus Küsel. 1629 – 1681

Size 35 x 27 cms

Price £48.00



Johann von Klenau 1758-1819

Giovanni di Klenau, Baron of Janoviz,  was born into an old family of the Bohemian nobility, in Benatek Castle , in the Austrian province of the Kingdom of Bohemia , on 13 April 1758 . The von Klenau family dated their nobility to the 15th century while the Janowitz family dated back to the 14th century. [1] The family had obtained baronial rank in 1623 and comital rank in 1630 , which was then perfected in 1633 with the granting of the title of Reichsgraf , Count of the Holy Roman Empire.
Size 18 x 25 cms
Price £28.00