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Petar Keglević II (ca. 1485 – ca. 1555)

Captain and later ban of Jajce, from 1521 to 1522. In 1526, some months before the battle of Mohács, he got the jus gladii. However, he did not take part in the battle of Mohács (he arrived too late). From 1533 to 1537 he was the royal commissary for Croatia and Slavonia as attorney general. From 1537 to 1542 he was the Ban of Croatia and Slavonia.

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Lajos II of Hungary 1506-1526

Louis II ( Czech: Ludvík Jagellonský; Croatian: Ludovik II.; Slovak: Ľudovít II.) was King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia from 1516 to 1526. He was killed during the Battle of Mohács fighting the Ottomans, whose victory led to the Ottoman annexation of large parts of Hungary.

Subject gender: Male

Artist: N de Clercq

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Stephen IV King of Hungary 1133-1165

Stephen IV was King of Hungary and Croatia, ascending to the throne between 1163 and 1165, when he usurped the crown of his nephew, Stephen III. He was the third son of Béla II of Hungary, and when his conspiracy against his brother Géza II failed, he was exiled from Hungary in the summer of 1157
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Wolff von Eggenberg (died 1615)

Wolff von Eggenberg was an Austrian military officer and Freiherr of the House of Eggenberg. He was the nephew and sole heir of Ruprecht von Eggenberg. Like his uncle, Wolff von Eggenberg chose a military career and received the command of Imperial Forces as General-Obrist on the border to Croatia
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