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Sir Joseph Banks 1743-1820 Explorer and botanist

Naturalist, patron of science and President of the Royal Society, 1778-1820. Banks sailed with Captain Cook to the Pacific on his first voyage aboard the Endeavour, 1768-71, and compiled a unique natural history collection. Banks held a position of great influence in the scientific world and he advised on ventures such as the Kew Botanic Gardens and the first British colonies in Australia.

Engraved by Wagstaff
Painted by Thomas Philips
Size 27 x 19 cm

Price £14.00


William Pitt Amherst 1773-1857

William Pitt Amherst, 1st Earl Amherst, GCH, PC was a British diplomat and colonial administrator. He was Governor-General of India between 1823 and 1828.

Engraved by S.Freeman 1846
Painted by Thomas Lawrence
Size 28 x 22 cm

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Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Chesterfield 1634-1714

He was the son of Henry Stanhope, Lord Stanhope and his wife, Katherine Wotton. He inherited the title of Earl of Chesterfield on the death of his grandfather in 1656. He was educated by Poliander, Professor of Divinity at Leyden (1640) and at the Prince of Orange’s College at Breda. In 1669 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Civil Laws by the University of Oxford.

Artist/Engraver E.Bocquet after S.Harding 1808
Size 19 x 12 cms
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James III of Scotland 1451-1488

King of Scots from 1460 until his death at the Battle of Sauchieburn in 1488. He inherited the throne as a child following the death of his father, King James II, at the siege of Roxburgh Castle. James III’s reign began with a minority that lasted almost a decade, during which Scotland was governed by a series of regents and factions who struggled for possession of the young king, before his personal rule began in 1469.

Size 28 x 22 cms
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