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Victor Jacquemont 1801-1832 botanist explorer

Victor Vincelas Jacquemont was a French botanist and geologist known for his travels in India. Born in Paris on August 8, 1801, Victor Jacquemont was the youngest of four sons of Venceslas Jacquemont and Rose Laisné. He studied medicine and later took an interest in botany. His early travels took him around Europe.e
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Carl Linnaeus 1707-1778

Carl Linnaeus, also known after his ennoblement as Carl von Linné, was a Swedish botanist, zoologist, and physician who formalised binomial nomenclature, the modern system of naming organisms. He is known as the “father of modern taxonomy”.
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Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux 1688-1763

Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux, commonly referred to as Marivaux, was a French novelist and dramatist. He is considered one of the most important French playwrights of the 18th century, writing numerous comedies for the Comédie-Française and the Comédie-Italienne of Paris.
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Antoine Petit and Jean-Nicolas Corvisart-Desmarets French physicians

Jean-Nicolas Corvisart-Desmarets was a French physician. Born in the French village of Dricourt in 1755, Corvisart translated Leopold von Auenbrugg’s Inventum Novum from Latin into French. Corvisart was especially fond of Auenbrugg’s use of chest percussion as a diagnostic tool, and began to perfect the technique.

Antoine Petit was a French physician, master of Joseph-Ignace Guillotin and Félix Vicq d’Azyr.

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