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Johann Heinrich Berger 1657-1732

Berger married Maria Sophia Jacobi (* 1665 Dresden; † 1711), the daughter of Dr. jur. Adam Christoph Jacobi and Maria Gertrud Börner (1645–1711). The couple had eight children, four sons and a daughter survived him. The surviving sons were Christof Heinrich von Berger, Johann Samuel von Berger (born August 16, 1691 in Wittenberg † September 17, 1757 in Celle, enrolled at the University of Wittenberg on October 14, 1703, received a master’s degree in philosophy, licentiate on October 18, 1709 and doctor of medicine in September 1713, doctor in Celle, married for the second time in 1726 to Margarethe Louise von Ramdohr (1705–1790), granddaughter of Andreas Ramdohr), Johann August von Berger and Friedrich Ludwig von Berger. The daughter married the theologian Andreas Charitius.

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Friedrich V, Margrave of Baden-Durlach 1594-1659

Frederick V, Margrave of Baden-Durlach (6 July 1594, Sulzburg, Hochschwarzwald – 8 September 1659, Durlach) was a German nobleman, who ruled as margrave of Baden-Durlach from 1622 to his death. He was succeeded by his son Frederick VI, Margrave of Baden-Durlach.

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Louis William, Margrave of Baden-Baden 1655-1707

Born in Paris, Louis was a son of Hereditary Prince Ferdinand Maximilian of Baden-Baden and his French wife, Louise of Savoy. His godfather was Louis XIV of France. His father was the elder son of Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden-Baden, whom he pre-deceased, leaving Louis to succeed as reigning Margrave of Baden-Baden and head of the Catholic branch of the House of Zähringen.:
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John George III, Elector of Saxony 1647-1691

Johann Georg III was born in Dresden, the only son of Johann George II and Magdalene Sybille of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.
John George succeeded his father as elector of Saxony when he died, in 1680; he was also appointed Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire. Because of his courage and his enthusiasm for the War he gained the nickname of the “Saxonian Mars”.
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John Frederick II, Duke of Saxony 1529-1595

After the Battle of Mühlberg (24 April 1547) and the capture of his father, John Frederick II, along with his brother John William, succeeded their father as the regents of the lands still retained by their family. After the death of their father (1554), the brothers amicably divided the lands that were inherited from their father; even so, John Frederick II, remained as the exclusive regent for the family possessions. And even though he received Eisenach and Coburg in the divisionary treaty, John Frederick II chose Gotha as his place of residence while serving as head of the family.
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Rudolf von Dietrichstein 1603-1649

Son of Baron Bartholomäus von Dietrichstein zu Hollenburg and Elisabeth Freiin von Franking, Heiress von Riedau
Husband of Elisabeth von Dietrichstein and Susanna Margareth von Dietrichstein
Brother of Gottfried von Dietrichstein; Sigmund Georg von Dietrichstein; Anna Sabina Countess of Starhemberg; Friedrich von Dietrichstein-Hollenburg; Maria Elisabeth von Dietrichstein
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