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Charles V, Duke of Lorraine and Bar 1643-1690

Succeeded his uncle Charles IV, Duke of Lorraine as titular Duke of Lorraine and Bar in 1675; both duchies were occupied by France from 1634 to 1661 and 1670 to 1697. Born in exile in Vienna, Charles spent his military career in the service of the Habsburg monarchy

Engraved by Abraham de Blois. 1679-1720
Painted by Charles Herbel 1656-1703
Size 40 x 30 cm

Price £48.00


Joseph II Holy Roman Emperor 1741-1790

Joseph II was Holy Roman Emperor from August 1765 and sole ruler of the Habsburg lands from November 1780 until his death. He was the eldest son of Empress Maria Theresa and her husband, Emperor Francis I, and the brother of Marie Antoinette.
Artist: Sysang
Size 9 x 16 cms
Price £28.00