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Eduard von Bach 1814-1884

Baron Eduard von Bach was a son of the lawyer Michael Bach; his brothers were the composer Otto Bach and the politician Alexander von Bach. Bach studied at the University of Vienna, among other things. Cameral Sciences and, after successfully completing it, got a job in the state administration. Bach received his first major task in 1846 when he was appointed district captain in Galicia and Bukovina. He held this position for over two years. In mid-1849 he was appointed civil commissioner to Transylvania until the end of 1850. Eduard was raised to the rank of baron with the same coat of arms as a bearer of the Order of the Iron Crown 1st Class and in recognition of his services in 1854, shortly after the appointment of his brother Alexander .
Artist: Hofelich

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Heinrich Hentzi von Arthurm 1785-1849

Heinrich Hentzi von Arthurm was a Hungarian general in the army of the Austrian Empire. He was famous for his refusal to defect to the Hungarian rebels during the Battle of Buda in 1849, defending Buda city and castle on behalf of the Austrian Habsburgs
Artist: Hofelich
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