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Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford 1676-1745, Prime Minister

Walpole was a Whig statesman but in all but name he was Prime Minister, 1721-42. He came to office in the wake of the South Sea Bubble crisis and built up British prosperity in a long period of peace by his economic reforms. He obtained more power than any previous minister and remained in office for over twenty years, resorting to bribery and patronage to overcome unpopularity. His reign came to an end when he was drawn into an unsuccessful war with Spain, which came to be known as the War of Jenkins’ Ear. He was, however, made Earl of Orford in 1742 after his defeat in the House of Commons.
Artist: Jacobus Houbraken

Size 14 x 10 cms

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Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham 1536-1624 Lord High Admiral

Charles Howard was Elizabeth I’s cousin and enjoyed her friendship and confidence. Appointed Lord High Admiral in 1585, he held chief command against the Spanish Armada. He was created Earl of Nottingham in 1601 following the success of the Cadiz expedition, which he jointly led with Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. He subsequently acted as a commissioner at Essex’s trial in 1601. He retained royal favour under James I and led an embassy to Spain in 1604 to ratify the peace treaty that ended the Anglo-Spanish war.

Artist: Jacobus Houbraken

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John Hampden 1594-1643

Central figures at the start of the English Revolution. He entered Parliament as an MP in 1621, eight years before Charles I dissolved Parliament. Ship Money was a tax sometimes levied on coastal towns in wartime to pay for ships to protect the country from invasion. Charles, no longer receiving money from Parliament, in 1635 extended the Ship Money tax to include inland towns and counties. This attempt to create a new form of taxation without parliamentary sanction was resisted by Hampden, who refused to pay the levy. The king was unable to collect Ship Money, and was forced to recall Parliament in 1640. Hampden was one of the five MPs selected by Charles I for impeachment in 1642.

Artist: Jacobus Houbraken

Size 16 x 10 cms

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Margareta van Oostenryk 1480-1530

Archduchess Margaret of Austria was Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands from 1507 to 1515 and again from 1519 to 1530. She was the first of many female regents in the Netherlands.
Artist: Jacob Houbraken [1698-1780]
Size 11.5 x 18 cms
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