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Heinrich von Friesen 1610-1680

Heinrich Freiherr von Friesen came from the Saxon noble family von Friesen and was the son of the manor owner, privy councilor, chancellor and president of the court of appeal Heinrich von Friesen (1578–1659) and his wife Catharina nee von Einsiedel (10 August 1585 – 31 January 1667[1]). The manor owner, head chef, court marshal and governor Carl von Friesen was his grandfather. The Electoral Saxon Privy Councilor and President of the High Consistory Carl von Friesen (1619–1686) was his younger brother. The Reichshofrat and Meißen Cathedral Provost Christian August von Friesen (1646–1681) was his nephew, the Electoral Saxon general Christian August von Friesen (1674–1737) his great-nephew.
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