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Vittoria della Rovere 1622-1694

Grand Duchess of Tuscany as the wife of Grand Duke Ferdinando II.
She gave her husband four children, two of which would survive infancy the future Cosimo III and Francesco Maria de’ Medici, Duke of Rovere and Montefeltro. She was the Duchess of Rovere and Montefeltro in her own right and these went to her youngest son when she died. She was later the guardian of her three grandchildren. Her marriage bought a lot of art treasures to the House of Medici which are today at the Palazzo Pitti Uffizi Gallery in Florence. She did not get on with her daughter in law Marguerite Louise d’Orléans.

Artist/Engraver Pieter de Jode
Size 29 x 18 cms
Price £28.00


Francesco IV Gonzaga 1586-1612

Born in Mantua, he was the eldest son of Duke Vincenzo I and Eleonora de’ Medici.
Francesco became Duke upon his father’s death on 9 February 1612. He died at Mantua on 22 December 1612 without male heirs. He was succeeded by his brother Ferdinand; however, Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, the father of Francesco’s wife Margaret of Savoy, disputed this, leading to the War of the Montferrat Succession (1613–1617).

Size 17 x 28 cms
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Simone de Gieri Gondi 1351

The Florentine banking family of the Gondi were prominent financial partners of the Medici.  Simone de Gieri Gondi held extensive lands around Valcava, in the Mugello Valley in Tuscany, where the church of S. Cresci, and a chapel which belonged to the Gondi (S. Margherita, formerly S. Martino) bore the Gondi arms. Simone de Gieri had seven children, one of whom was Silvestro Gondi whose son Simone de Silvestro Gondi was the first of the Gondi to be the Grand Prior of the Republic of Florence.
Size 15.5 x 24.5 cms
Price £28.00