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Concino Concini, 1st Marquis d’Ancre 1569-1617

Concino Concini, 1st Marquis d’Ancre was an Italian politician, best known for being a minister of Louis XIII of France, as the favourite of Louis’s mother, Marie de Medici, Queen of France. In 1617, he was killed at the behest of the King.

Artist/Engraver B. Moncornet.
Size 16 x 12 cms
Price 18.00


Nicolas V de Neufville de Villeroy 1598-1685

Nicolas V de Neufville de Villeroy was a French nobleman and marshal of France. He was marquis then 1st duke of Villeroy and peer of France, marquis d’Alincourt and lord of Magny, and acted as governor of the young Louis XIV. His son François succeeded him as duke. He was the lover of Catherine-Charlotte de Gramont.
Artist: Moncornet
Size 13 x 19 cms
Price £28.00


Philip III of Spain 1578-1621

A member of the House of Habsburg, Philip III was born in Madrid to King Philip II of Spain and his fourth wife, his niece Anna, the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and Maria of Spain. Philip III later married his cousin Margaret of Austria, sister of Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor.
Artist: Moncornet
Size 12 x 16 cms
Price £28.00


Louis d’Arpajon 1590-1679

Marquis de Sévérac, Comte de Rodez, Vicomte de Montal, Baron de Salvagnac, de Montclar and other places was a military leader under Louis XIII. He played a major role in the effort to return the southwestern provinces (Languedoc and Guyenne) to Catholicism. His military career was based on the Thirty Years’ War, in which he took part in the Rhineland and Franche-Comté, as well as in the fight against the Huguenots and the Turks in Malta in 1645
Artist: Moncornet
Size 11.5 x 16 cms
Price £28.00


Matthias Gallas Count of Campo, Duke of Lucera 1588-1647

Italian professional soldier during the Thirty Years’ War. He distinguished himself in the first half of the war in service of the Catholic League, in the War of the Mantuan Succession, and as one of Albrecht von Wallenstein’s Generals
Artist: Balthasar Moncornet. (circa 1600-1668)
Size 11.5 x 16.5 cms
Price £28.00