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Kazimierz Brodzinski 1791-1835 Polish Poet and literary critic

Born in Królówka near Bochnia. He came from the low nobility. He was a student at schools in Tarnów, where he also graduated from the grammar school. He served in the army of the Duchy of Warsaw. He took part in the campaign of 1812, during which he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. During the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig, he was wounded and taken prisoner by the Prussians. Having returned from captivity in 1814, he settled in Warsaw, Having received his doctor’s degree in philosophy, he was appointed Professor at Warsaw University.
Artist: Henryk Hirszel 1809-1877
Size 13 x 19 cms
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Archduke Wenceslaus of Austria 1561-1578

German prince and member of the House of Habsburg. Since 1577, he was appointed the Grand Prior of the Order of Malta in Castile. He was the son of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, and his wife Maria of Spain.
Size 12 x 17 cms
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Joseph Wenzel I, Prince of Liechtenstein 1696-1772

In the Austrian War of Succession 1745 commander-in-chief in Italy (June 16, 1746 Victory at Piacenza). From 1744 as General Director of the entire Austrian artillery renewed the organisation of the artillery partly at his own cost, also financed the printing of the most important artillery handbooks.
Artist: Weinrauch
Size 12 x 19 cms
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