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Gregory IV Ghica 1755-1854

Grigore IV Ghica or Grigore Dimitrie Ghica was ruler of Wallachia
He was the nephew of Grigore III Ghica’s brother . He was the son of the great ban Dimitrie Ghica, from his second marriage with Maria Văcărescu, performed in 1748. He studied at the Princely School, knowing Greek and French. In 1793 he became high commissioner, in 1796 high clucer, high warden of the Bucharest police between 1799-1800, high herald of the municipalities in 1800, great herald of the Upper Country in 1813, great ban in 1817. Being a member of the Eforie of Schools, from 1817, together with Iordache Golescu , Constantin Bălăceanu, contributed to the opening of the St. Sava School and to bringing Gheorghe Lazăr to Wallachia.

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