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Emilie of Promnitz-Pless 1708-1732

Countess Christine Johanna Emilie of Promnitz-Pless was born in Żary, to Erdmann II, Count of Promnitz and Anna Maria of Saxe-Weissenfels, the daughter of Johann Adolf I, Duke of Saxe-Weissenfels and Johanna Magdalena of Saxe-Altenburg.
In 1726, she married Prince Augustus Louis of Anhalt-Köthen in Żary.
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Ádám Forgách 1601-1681

Count Ádám Forgách de Ghymes et Gács was a Hungarian soldier and magnate in the Kingdom of Hungary, who served as Judge Royal from 13 October 1670 until his death. He was the eldest son of Baron Zsigmond Forgách, Palatine of Hungary
Size 6 x 10 cms
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Gaspar de Bracamonte, 3rd Count of Peñaranda 1595-1676

Bracamonte was born in 1595 in Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Spain. He married his niece Maria de Bracamonte, daughter of his older brother Balthazar Emmanuel, and 3rd Countess of Peñaranda. They had one son, Gregory, 4th Count of Peñaranda, who died without legitimate heirs in 1689
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Anna Caterina Gonzaga 1566-1621

Anna Caterina Gonzaga, OSM, religious name Anna Juliana, was an Archduchess of Austria who became a religious Sister of the Servite Order after the death of her husband, the Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria. A cause for her beatification is open but has not advanced since the 17th century
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Louis, Grand Dauphin of France 1661-1711

Louis, Dauphin of France, commonly known as le Grand Dauphin, was the eldest son and heir apparent of King Louis XIV and his spouse, Maria Theresa of Spain. He became known as the Grand Dauphin after the birth of his own son, Louis, Duke of Burgundy, the Petit Dauphin.
Artist: Sysang
Size 18 x 25 cms
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