King Frederick II and Joseph II in Neisse 1769

The meeting of Emperor Joseph II with King Frederick II in the encampment at Nysa, Poland.  Maria Theresa’s son Archduke Joseph, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire since 1765, admired the enlightened monarch Frederick for his military, administrative and economic successes and from 1766 tried to meet him. After initial resistance from Maria Theresa, the encounter took place in 1769 in the residential town of Neisse, near the border, where Frederick was staying for military maneuvers. Joseph, as Count von Falkenstein, arrived in Neisse around noon on August 25 and went straight to the prince-bishop’s palace, where Frederick received him. The encounter was attended by senior nobles and military officials from both sides.

Artist: P.C.Geisler

Size 12 x 20 cms
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