Jakob Hannibal Graf von Hohenems 1530-1587

Jakob Hannibal I von Hohenems was the son of Wolf Dietrich von Hohenems and Clara de Medici. He spent parts of his youth in Northern Italy with his uncle Gian Giacomo Medici, Duke of Marignano and Marquis of Musso and Lecco. He pursued a military career. The election of another uncle, Giovanni Angelo Medici, as Pope Pius IV began a golden time for Jacob Hannibal I and the Hohenems people. In 1560 they were raised to the rank of count. In 1565 he married Hortensia Borromeo (1547–1578), the half-sister of Charles Borromeo, a cardinal and archbishop of Milan. Hortensia Borromeo was also a niece of Pope Pius IV.i.
Size 12 x 16 cms
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