King Charles I, cast bronze medal, 1636, by Hans Reinhardt the Younger

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Charles I, the Anglo-Dutch Fishing Treaty, cast bronze medal, 1636, by Hans Reinhardt the younger,  conjoined busts of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, he in armour wearing Garter George on ribbon, she with pearl necklace, CAR ET MAR DG ANGL FRANC ET HIBER RR, rev., seated figures of Justice and Peace, embracing, two infant genii in attendance, IVSTITIA ET PAX OSCVLATÆ SVNT PSAL 84, 55mm (MI 279/84; Eim. 128b). About very fine and very rare.
The smaller size of this medal, which is normally manufactured in silver. MI lists a bronze specimen in the Ashmolean Museum.

The Anglo Dutch Fishing Treaty of 1636 saw the Dutch pay £30,000 to be permitted to fish in British waters. Some of the money was financed the deployment of a fleet to clear the seas of pirates.

Provenance: Bt. R. Falkiner, January, 2001.
The Christopher Foley, F.S.A., Collection Of Early English Medals

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