Leopold II Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary & Bohemia, Archduke of Austria 1741-1790

Holy Roman Emperor from August 1765 and sole ruler of the Habsburg lands from November 1780 until his death. He was the eldest son of Empress Maria Theresa and her husband, Emperor Francis I, and the brother of Marie Antoinette, Maria Carolina of Austria and Maria Amalia, Duchess of Parma.
Artist Martin Engelbrecht 1684-1756
Engraver: Christian Wilhelm Engelbrecht
Size 29 x 18 cm

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Sophia Alekseyevna Romanova 1657-1704

Ruled as regent of Russia from 1682 to 1689. She allied herself with a singularly capable courtier and politician, Prince Vasily Golitsyn, to install herself during the minority of her brother Ivan V and half-brother Peter I. She carried out her regency with a firm hand
Artist Henri Benner 1776-1836
Engraver: Alfred Johannot 1800-1837
Size 24 x 17 cm

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Károly Kisfaludy 1788-1830

Hungarian dramatist and artist, brother of Sándor Kisfaludy. He was the founder of the national drama

Artist Miklós Barabá
Engraver Meyer
Size 23 x 16 cm

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