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Petar Keglević II (ca. 1485 – ca. 1555)

Captain and later ban of Jajce, from 1521 to 1522. In 1526, some months before the battle of Mohács, he got the jus gladii. However, he did not take part in the battle of Mohács (he arrived too late). From 1533 to 1537 he was the royal commissary for Croatia and Slavonia as attorney general. From 1537 to 1542 he was the Ban of Croatia and Slavonia.

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Hans Erasmus Graf von Tattenbach 1631-1671

Count von Tattenbach, was governor of Styria, owned several dominions in what is now Slovenia, which was then called Lower Styria , and also owned properties in Silesia. He is described as weak in character, naive and complacent. Speculating on personal gain, he conspired with the anti-Habsburg Croatian and Hungarian magnates from 1667 in the magnate conspiracy. Betrayed by his own valet, he was arrested in the course of crushing the uprising and found guilty of high treason. As a result, a large part of his possessions was confiscated and on December 1, 1671 he was executed in front of the Graz town hall . The County of Reinstein, a fiefdom that also belonged to Tattenbach, then reverted to the Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg .

Engraver Sigmund Gabriel Hipschmann 1639-1679
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Rare early engraving

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Maria of Anjou. Queen of Hungary 1371-1395

Mary, also known as Maria of Anjou (Hungarian: Anjou Mária, Croatian: Marija Anžuvinska, Polish: Maria Andegaweńska;), reigned as Queen of Hungary and Croatia between 1382 and 1385, and from 1386 until her death. She was the daughter of Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, and his wife, Elizabeth of Bosnia. Mary’s marriage to Sigismund of Luxembourg, a member of the imperial Luxembourg dynasty.
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