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Johann Schweikhard von Kronberg 1553-1626

Johann Schweikhard von Kronberg was the third son of Hartmut XIII von Kronburg (1517–1591) and his wife Barbara von Sickingen (1522–1577). His father was an administrator for the Archbishopric of Mainz.
With his older brothers taking over the family’s offices, Johann was destined for a career in the church from an early age. He was elected to the cathedral chapter of Mainz Cathedral at a young age through his father’s influence. He was a canon of St. Alban’s Abbey, Mainz from 1564 to 1566. His uncle, Daniel Brendel von Homburg was Archbishop of Mainz, and sent him to the Collegium Germanicum in Rome. There, he became friends with Johannes Busaeus, who was later a Jesuit theologian teaching at the University of Mainz.

Engraved by Emanuel van Meteren, 1634,
Size 35 x 24 cm

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Theoklitos Polyeidis 1698-1759

Greek scholar, teacher, translator, priest and monk during the period of the Modern Greek Enlightenment.
His most notable work was the Oracles of Agathagelos (Οι χρησμοί του Αγαθάγγελου) which was written c. 1750, and had a huge appeal in the court of Catherine II in Petersburg and greatly enhanced philhellenism in the European cities he personally visited. The Oracles of Agathagelos was also later republished by Rigas Feraios, promoting the revolutionary spirit of the subjugated Greeks, because they prophesied the future liberation of the Greeks.

Artist/Engraver Johann Georg Schmidt 1733
Size 18 x 13 cms
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Joseph Justus Scaliger 1540-1609

Joseph Justus Scaliger was a French religious leader and scholar, known for expanding the notion of classical history from Greek and ancient Roman history to include Persian, Babylonian, Jewish and ancient Egyptian history. He spent the last sixteen years of his life in the Netherlands
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Jean François Paul de Gondi, Cardinal de Retz 1613-1679

French churchman, writer of memoirs, and agitator in the Fronde.
The Florentine banking and noble Gondi family had been introduced into France by Catherine de’ Medici; Catherine offered Jérome (Girolamo) de Gondi in 1573 the château that he made the nucleus of the Château de Saint-Cloud; his hôtel in the Faubourg Saint-Germain of Paris became the Hôtel de Condé in the following generation. The Gondi acquired great estates in Brittany and became connected with the noblest houses of the kingdom.

Artist/Engraver Picart
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