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Jan Jesenius 1566-1621

He was from an old noble family, the House of Jeszenszky, originally from the Kingdom of Hungary. He presented himself in his own works as eques Ungarus. His father, Boldizsár Jeszenszky de Nagyjeszen, left Turóc County (today the Turiec region in Slovakia) because of the Ottomans’ military campaign against Upper Hungary and settled down in Silesia in 1555. He married Marta Schülerin, who came from a wealthy German bourgeois family.

Artist: Matthäus Merian 1617
Size 13 x 10 cm

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Dániel Berzsenyi 1776-1836

Dániel Berzsenyi was a Hungarian poet. Berzsenyi was one of the most contradictory poets of Hungarian literature. He lived the life of a farmer, and wished to be close to the events of Hungarian literature

Artist/Engraver: Miklós Barabás 1810-1898

Size 23 x 16 cms

Price £18.00

Ref: 3497

József Eötvös

József baron Eötvös de Vásárosnamény 1813 -1871 Hungarian writer and statesman, the son of Ignacz baron Eötvös de Vásárosnamény and Anna von Lilien, who stemmed from an Erbsälzer family of Werl in Germany.

Artist/Engraver: Miklós Barabás 1810 -1898

Size 23 x 16 cms

Price £18.00

Ref: 3498

Stephan Graf Pálffy de Erdőd 1585 – 1646

The House of Pálffy, also known as Pálffy von Erdöd, Pálffy de Erdöd, or Pálffy of Erdöd, is the name of an old Hungarian noble family, later incorporated into Austrian nobility. Members of the family held significant positions in the Habsburg monarchy. Erdőd is the Hungarian name for Ardud, a town situated in Transylvania.
Size 17 x 29 cms
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Lajos II of Hungary 1506-1526

Louis II ( Czech: Ludvík Jagellonský; Croatian: Ludovik II.; Slovak: Ľudovít II.) was King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia from 1516 to 1526. He was killed during the Battle of Mohács fighting the Ottomans, whose victory led to the Ottoman annexation of large parts of Hungary.

Subject gender: Male

Artist: N de Clercq

Size 20 x 13 cms


Ref: 2575