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Captain of Tartars, captured by Prince of Transylvania.

Produced for Effiggie naturali de i maggior prencipi et piu valorosi capitani di questa eta con l’arme loro.
By Andreas Vacchari 1599
Titled as Captain of the Tartars, captured by the Most Serene Prince of Transylvania.
(Capitano dei Tartari, preso del serenissimo prencipe de Transilvania.)

Engraved by Giacomo Franco 1550 -1620
Size 27 x 19 cm

Price £28.00


Graf Karl Hieronymus Pálffy von Erdöd 1735-1816

Count Karl Hieronymus Pálffy von Erdöd, from 1807 Prince Palffy von Erdöd was the real court chancellor of the combined court chancellery of Hungary and Transylvania . He was also the progenitor of the princely branch of the Pálffy family .

Engraved by Johann Ernst Mansfeld 1749 – 1796
Size 16 x 10 cm

Price £14.00


Graf Franz von Zichy Ferraris 1777-1839

Fieldmarshall Lieutenant of the Garde Noble Hongroise. Father in law of Clemens von Metternich. The House of Zichy (of Zich and Vásonykő) is the name of a Magyar family of the Hungarian nobility, conspicuous in Hungarian history from the latter part of the 13th century onwards.

Engraved by Adám Sándor Ehrenreich 1784-1852
Size 35 x 27 cm

Price £28.00



Joseph Count Esterházy de Galántha 1682-1748

Joseph Esterházy was the son of Franz Esterházy (1641-1683) and his wife Katalin Thököly (1655-1701), the eldest daughter of the large landowner Stephan II Thököly . Joseph had five other siblings (three sisters and two brothers) who survived to adulthood. His older brother Anton (Hungarian Antal) Esterházy (1676–1722) was a kuruc general and fought alongside Franz II Rákóczi ( Hungarian Wars of Independence ) against Habsburg rule in Hungary.

Engraved by Francis Leoplod Schmitner 1754
Size 22 x 16 cm

Price £28.00