Leopold Karl von Kollonitsch

Leopold Karl von Kollonitsch, also spelt Collonicz, Colonitz, Kollonitz,Kolonits, and Kolonić, called in Hungarian Kollonich Lipót 1631-1707, was a cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, Archbishop of Kalocsa and later of Gran, or Esztergom, and Primate of Hungary. Also a count of the Holy Roman Empire, he was a leading figure of the Hungarian Counter-reformation.
As an imperial minister, Kollonitsch was responsible for reorganizing the new Hungarian territories conquered from the Ottoman Empire and later ceded at the Treaty of Karlowitz. He was said to have gained over one hundred thousand converts to Rome from Orthodox Christianity.

Subject gender: Male
Artist: Christoph Weigel the Elder 1654-1725

Size 30 x 19 cms

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