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Maria Amalia of Saxony 1724 -1760, queen of Naples and Sicily

Maria Amalia (Maria Amalia Christina Franziska Xaveria Flora Walburga;  was Queen of Spain from 10 August 1759 until her death in 1760 as the wife of King Charles III. Previously, she had been Queen of Naples and Sicily since marrying Charles on 19 June 1738. She was born a princess of Poland and Saxony, daughter of King Augustus III of Poland and Princess Maria Josepha of Austria. Maria Amalia and Charles had thirteen children, of whom seven survived into adulthood. A popular consort, Maria Amalia oversaw the construction of the Caserta Palace outside Naples as well as various other projects, and she is known for her influence upon the affairs of state.
Artist: Martin Friedrich Bernigeroth 1737-1801
Size 22 x 32 cms
Price £28.00