Sefer Gazi aga d.1664 Vizier

Sefer Gazi aga , in literature also Sefer Gazi-aga , Sefer Ghazi Aga (born ?, died 1664) – held the office of vizier during the reign of Islam III Giray (1644-1654) and Mehmed IV Giraya (1654-1666 second reign). He held the office of Vizier in the years 1644-1664 (with a short break in 1645-1646).ollection of quotations from Sefergazy Aga on Wikiquote
The most distinguished vizier of the Crimean Khanate in the over three-hundred-year history of this country. The khan Islam III Giray himself owed his throne largely to him.

Artist/Engraver Leonardus Henricus van Otteren
Size 21 x 15 cms
Price £28.00