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Clémence Isaure

A quasi-legendary medieval figure credited with founding or restoring the Acadèmia dels Jòcs Florals or Academy of the Floral Games. She is supposed to have left a legacy to fund awards in the form of gold and silver flowers that the city would award annually to the best poets.
Artist: Richomme
Size 14 x 19 cms
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Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux 1688-1763

Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux, commonly referred to as Marivaux, was a French novelist and dramatist. He is considered one of the most important French playwrights of the 18th century, writing numerous comedies for the Comédie-Française and the Comédie-Italienne of Paris.
Artist: Miger
Size 19 x 27 cms
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Theodore de Beze 1519-1605

French Reformed Protestant theologian, reformer and scholar who played an important role in the Reformation. He was a disciple of John Calvin and lived most of his life in Geneva.
Size 6 x 11.5 cms
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Ambroise Paré 1510-1590

Ambroise Paré was a French barber surgeon who served in that role for kings Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III. He is considered one of the fathers of surgery and modern forensic pathology and a pioneer in surgical techniques and battlefield medicine, especially in the treatment of wounds
Artist: Durupt
Size 14 x 19 cms
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Charles de Lorraine, Prince de Commercy 1661-1702

Charles de Lorraine, Prince de Commercy, was a French field marshal of the Holy Roman Empire and a military adivisor to Prince Eugene of Savoy. He acquired military prominence after leading imperial troops in the Great Turkish War, in the Nine Years’ War, and the War of Spanish Succession
Size 8 x 14 cms
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Louis Philippe 1773-1850 king of France

Louis Philippe I was King of the French from 1830 to 1848. As Duke of Chartres he distinguished himself commanding troops during the Revolutionary Wars but broke with the Republic over its decision to execute King Louis XVI. He fled to Switzerland in 1793 after being connected with a plot to restore France’s monarchy.
Artist: Hagner
Size 29 x 23 cms
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