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Bela III king of Hungary 1148-1196

King of Hungary and Croatia between 1172 and 1196. He was the second son of King Géza II and Géza’s wife, Euphrosyne of Kiev. Around 1161, Euphrosyne granted Béla a duchy, which included Croatia, central Dalmatia and possibly Sirmium.
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John Zápolya, King of Hungary 1487-1540

John Zápolya, or John Szapolyai, was King of Hungary from 1526 to 1540. His rule was disputed by Archduke Ferdinand I, who also claimed the title King of Hungary. He was Voivode of Transylvania before his coronation, between 1510-1526
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Sándor Kisfaludy 1772-1844 writer

Hungarian lyric poet, Himfy’s Loves his chief work, was less distinguished as a dramatist. He is considered to be the first romantic poet from Hungary. He was the brother of Károly Kisfaludy. He has been set to music by Zoltán Kodály.
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Vladislaus II of Hungary 1456-1516

Vladislaus II, also known as Vladislav II, Władysław II or Wladislas II, was King of Bohemia from 1471 to 1516, and King of Hungary and Croatia from 1490 to 1516. As the eldest son of Casimir IV Jagiellon, he was expected to inherit Poland and Lithuania.
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Emeric Thököly 1657-1705

Emeric Thököly de Késmárk was prince of Upper Hungary from 1682 to 1685, and prince of Transylvania in 1690. His father, Count István Thököly, held large domains in Royal Hungary. Emeric’s mother, Mária Gyulaffy, was related to three princes of Transylvania.
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