William V, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel 1602-1637

Member of the House of Hesse, was Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel from 1627 to 1637. Having come to rule in unfavorable circumstances and in the midst of the Thirty Years’ War, he continued to suffer losses of territory and wealth.

Engraved by Daniel Meisner (1585 – 162
Size 14 x 9 cm

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Count Štefan XI. Ilešházi 1762-1838

István Gróf illésházi Illésházy (XI.) lord, politician, military officer. He was a colonel of the noble uprising against Napoleon , then a hereditary lord, and a politician sympathetic to the reform opposition from the beginning of the 1800s . From 1830, he was a director of the Hungarian Society of Scientists . The last scion of the Illésházy family, a large landowner .

Engraved by Adám Sándor Ehrenreich 1784-1852
Size 35 x 27 cm

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Graf Franz von Zichy Ferraris 1777-1839

Fieldmarshall Lieutenant of the Garde Noble Hongroise. Father in law of Clemens von Metternich. The House of Zichy (of Zich and Vásonykő) is the name of a Magyar family of the Hungarian nobility, conspicuous in Hungarian history from the latter part of the 13th century onwards.

Engraved by Adám Sándor Ehrenreich 1784-1852
Size 35 x 27 cm

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Alvise I Mocenigo 1507-1577 doge of Venice

When he was elected in 1570, Venice was preparing for war against the Turks who, eager to take possession of the island of Cyprus , in Venetian hands since 1480 , had set up a powerful fleet to conquer it. In the period 1570-71 things went badly on the island which, soon, despite a hard fight for the possession of Nicosia and the strenuous resistance of Famagusta (where the commander Marcantonio Bragadin , having surrendered with the garrison, was skinned alive), fell into enemy hands.

Engraved by Stefano Scolari circa 1650

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Joseph Count Esterházy de Galántha 1682-1748

Joseph Esterházy was the son of Franz Esterházy (1641-1683) and his wife Katalin Thököly (1655-1701), the eldest daughter of the large landowner Stephan II Thököly . Joseph had five other siblings (three sisters and two brothers) who survived to adulthood. His older brother Anton (Hungarian Antal) Esterházy (1676–1722) was a kuruc general and fought alongside Franz II Rákóczi ( Hungarian Wars of Independence ) against Habsburg rule in Hungary.

Engraved by Francis Leoplod Schmitner 1754
Size 22 x 16 cm

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